edinburgh christmas market
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Edinburgh Christmas Market: Scotland

Princes Street Gardens, close to Waverley train station is the setting for the Christmas market at Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh. With a vibrant and bustling atmosphere, the market has the modern shopping and commercial district on one side whilst looking up at the other is the old town and Edinburgh Castle. On throughout the… Continue reading Edinburgh Christmas Market: Scotland


New Study Hopes to Link Nature to Wellbeing

A new study funded by REI Co-op aims to link time spent outdoors with nature to human wellbeing. American adventure travel company REI Co-op has donated $150,000 to Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The aim is for their researchers to conduct a national study which will hopefully link time spent outdoors to physical,… Continue reading New Study Hopes to Link Nature to Wellbeing

pevensey castle
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English Castles to Visit in November

English Heritage have shared their pick of five castles to visit this Autumn. Conisbrough Castle Conisbrough Castle South Yorkshire’s 12th Century castle was the inspiration behind Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe. Its crumbling castle walls, grassy picnic areas, visitor centre and exhibitions are still attracting guests to visit the castle, see its defences and learn about… Continue reading English Castles to Visit in November

garden in maui hawaii

Get Paid to Take an Eco-Friendly Holiday in Maui

American company to pay one lucky candidate $2,000 for taking an eco-friendly trip to the Hawaiian island of Maui. Maui's Coastal Landscape Maui is the second largest island in Hawaii, the American state is a volcanic archipelago located in the Central Pacific. Known for rugged landscapes, clear waters, tropical foliage and sandy beaches Maui offers… Continue reading Get Paid to Take an Eco-Friendly Holiday in Maui

an autumn view over portos riverside in portugal
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Autumn in Porto

A riverside walk with an insight to the nature and traditions that surround Portugal's city of Porto. Walking over the Ponte Luís I bridge, leaving our downtown Porto room behind, we took the southern bank of the Douro River, passing by the familiar port caves, in favour of what laid beyond. Heading in the direction… Continue reading Autumn in Porto

panoramic picture of the mountains in huesco from the pico de aguila hike
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Hiking in Huesca

From mushroom picking to taking a peek at the snow capped mountains of the Pyrenees, this was an unexpected hike in Aragon. When heading out for a walk, somehow, we always manage to reach some mountain peak.  This woodland walk searching for mushrooms was no different, as we ended up 1,623 metres high and taking… Continue reading Hiking in Huesca

the royal baths park in warsaw
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24 Hours in Warsaw

The old town by night, Royal Baths by day, a meal of traditional pierogi(dumplings) and a general mooch around the Centrum area.  Stepping from the train, Central Station (Centralna) was like many others. On leaving the station, I saw I had arrived in Warsaw. I head for the 'Frying Pan' (the locals meeting place), where… Continue reading 24 Hours in Warsaw

iguana galapagos

Ecuador and Galapagos Family Adventure Trips Launched

Latin America Adventure Travel Company Southern Explorations has released details of their new family focused itinerary to Ecuador and Galapagos.   After taking guests to explore Ecuador and its legendary archipelago for many years Southern Explorations have decided to meet the demands of even more travellers looking for adventure in this area of the Pacific… Continue reading Ecuador and Galapagos Family Adventure Trips Launched

greek mountain museum on the island of zakynthos
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Wine Tasting on the Island of Zakynthos

A land train trip into the mountains on the Greek island of Zakynthos, tasting wine, eating meze and discovering local history. It was a warm Greek evening on the island of Zakynthos.  In the small town of Alykes the pools and beaches were emptying as holidaymakers showered and changed. I was getting ready for the… Continue reading Wine Tasting on the Island of Zakynthos

branicki palace gardens bialystok poland
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The Podlasie Region of Poland

The region's capital city of Bialystok is home to culture, Esperanto, many outdoor areas, architecture, theatrical puppets and traditional cuisine. The Podlasie region of Poland shares a border with Russia, Lithuania and Belarus, it is also not far from that of Ukraine. Over the Centuries it has become a melting pot of people, where different… Continue reading The Podlasie Region of Poland