tour group with local on a vegvoyage tour

Vegan Tour Company Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Adventure travel company, VegVoyages is celebrating 15 years of providing vegan and ethical travel in Asia by expanding their tour destinations to include Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Founded in 2004 by three people sharing a passion for travel and veganism, VegVoyages boasts to offer a unique and exciting travel adventure for anyone who likes to stray away from the beaten track. Starting from just three different itineraries they have since expanded to 23.

Taking their guests along village lanes and town streets across India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and soon to Sri Lanka and Nepal, the ethical ways of exploring a country have also appealed to non-vegans.

tour group with local on a vegvoyage tour

Prices are all inclusive, with 100% vegan meals included throughout the tour.

Meal requirements aside, the company leads their tours through local communities, some of which are supported by their own foundation, which helps two children’s homes, four village schools and six animal sanctuaries.

The tours do not include any activity that exploits animals nor people. Animal rides, aquariums, profit based sanctuaries or zoos for example, will not be included in any itinerary. However, yoga, meditation, local language classes, playing traditional street games, cultural culinary experiences, visits to local farms or deaf schools, seeing breath taking views and home cooking will be.

culinary cuisine image from vegvoyages vegan adventure tours

VegVoyages was one of the first companies in this growing industry.

Zac Lovas, Co-Founder of VegVoyagers said: “We focus on building bridges, not walls. Our itineraries emphasis on connecting our travellers and the people of the country they are in, building more understanding of different cultures, traditions and cuisines, promoting the idea that we all share something in common.”

“I resonate with the beliefs and what VegVoyages stands for. Our immersion was more than a holiday. We have come away far richer than we ever would have thought.”

Satisfied VegVoyager.

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