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The Ice Princess by Camilla Läckberg

The Ice Princess was the debut book of Swedish crime novelist Camilla Läckberg.  First published in 2003 by Harper Collins Publishers Ltd, RRP £7.99.

The book is set in Fjällbacka on the West Coast of Sweden, the authors hometown. 

Telling a chilling tale of a girl murdered in her bath tub.  Two main characters Erica Falck, a writer and Patrik Hedström, a detective work together to piece the clues and solve the case of not one, but two deaths.

ice princess paperback book

From the first page the reader is able to grasp a feel for the book, story and style.

Led into making early decisions, it is half way through the book that accurate conclusions begin to form.  The end of the book brings astonishing yet believable twists and turns.  

Written in a style that dances between the crime and mystery and the everyday lives of the characters, it was a welcome change from many other crime novels where the main focus is on the lead detective alone.  However, some of it seemed somewhat irrelevant.

The book was written in the present, covering a time period of just a few weeks and was consistent throughout. The author had a way of showing a conclusion before giving the explanation. A slightly irritating style that also kept me reading.

Comparable to ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ by Stieg Larsson, also Swedish, for its outlook and tale of a writer/journalist solving crimes.  Camilla Läckberg writes to a wider audience due to the use of more gentle language and portraying the gruesome facts in a less disturbing manner.

There is now a series of books based on Erica and Patrik in Fjällbacka.  Receiving positive praise, Camilla also won awards including ‘Best International Crime Novel of the Year’.  Her work is published in more than 50 countries.

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