Launch of First International Stretching App for Travellers

New app helps travellers stretch whilst travelling by road, rail, air or sea to reduce muscle pains and help prevent thrombosis.

Created by Germany’s first Afghan fitness trainer Schugufa Issar Amerchel (Sia), the new Travelltics app is currently available in English and German with the promise to expand into other languages in the future.

The aim of the app is to allow people to carry out stretching exercises whilst sitting in a confined space without interrupting anyone around them. The increased blood circulation reduces the risk of thrombosis on flights but can also be used to prevent water retention or ease muscle pain in the neck, shoulders, back and legs whilst using any form of transport.

passengers seated whilst travelling

Exercises include neck circling, stretching the hands and fingers, working the abdominal muscles and calf movements to result in stretching and relaxing the whole body.

Sia first had the idea for the app during a long-haul flight.

“I had a long-distance flight of over 12 hours,” said Sia. “Whilst sitting I started with my whole-body workout. My neighbours saw me and joined in. I also instructed clients of my fitness classes in Munich to do some exercises in order to prevent heavy legs and tensions during flights. The positive feedback encouraged me to keep thinking about the topic and to develop the sports app.”

The app can be downloaded onto tablets or smartphones.

The Travelletics App. Photo: Travelletics

The basic traveller package is free and offers more than 30 minutes of exercises for a full body work out carried out by following a series of illustrative videos. The workout is suitable for short or long distance travel and is also recommended for commuters who have been sitting at a desk all day.

Other package titles include short flight traveller, frequent traveller, business traveller, stretching and all traveller. They are each subject to a small one-off fee to download with no extra subscription charges.

“You do something positive for yourself and for your body without having to be afraid of disturbing the person sitting next to you,” said Sia.

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