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Lost Phone Experiment Reveals Helpful Tip for Travellers

An experiment carried out in three major U.S. cities has revealed how travellers who lose their phones are more likely to get them back.

Global tech care company Asurion surveyed 1,759 American adults in 2018 as part of their Lost Phone Experiment. Their aim was to find out how likely a lost device was to be returned and what methods people used to get them back.  

Smartphone users are at risk of losing their devices whilst travelling due to spending time enjoying the beach or partaking in other outdoor activities.

castle picture from mobile phone screen

The experiment results revealed that a phone was three more times likely to be returned if the phone featured an alternative contact number or email address on the lock screen. 71 percent of those completing the survey said that their smartphones are lock protected, but 75 percent said their mobiles are not protected with this contact information on the screen.

Bettie Colombo, Asurion spokesperson said: “Adding an image on the phone’s locked screen that includes an ‘if lost’ contact number or email address makes it easier for someone to return it. Our data shows that this simple trick will greatly increase the chances of getting a phone back if misplaced.”

taking coastal travel pictures on phone

To use this method, it is advised to put the image in place before travelling, either directly on the phone or by using Instagram. Either way, there should be an image showing the alternative contact number and / or email address downloaded and attached as a wallpaper which can easily be done through the device settings.

To ensure that the battery remains live it is also recommended to use the battery saving mode. Flight mode is also a way to prolong the battery life and should be considered, especially when the phone is not required or in remote areas without network coverage.

Asurion’s 19,000 employees work towards helping more than 300 million globally to unlock their devices potential whilst keeping them safe.

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