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Busabout Searches for Adventure Holiday Competition Contestants

Flexible travel company Busabout is currently searching for six adventurous contestants for an all-expenses paid trip, the final travel plans will be decided by users of Instagram.

Six chosen contestants are to travel through Europe, South East Asia or the USA for 6 to 11 weeks this summer. During their travel time each contestant will work as a duo to capture social media content, however, each of their moves will lie in the decisions made by the company’s Instagram followers.

lauterbrunnen mountain view image from busabout

Each duo will have an experienced videographer and an Instagram storyteller. Both of which have a creative flair and a passion for travel. They must each accept the challenges as chosen by the users of Instagram, may it be if they eat a deep-fried insect or whether they partake in white water rafting or skydiving. The Busabout’s followers will have their say via the interactive polls on Instagram Stories.

The trips are worth up to $10,400 and each contestant will be paid $260 per week.

The Asia and USA itineraries are each 6 weeks in duration with the Europe tour lasting 11 weeks. The European tour will come to an end with beer and pretzels in Munich during Oktoberfest.

cambodia image from busabout

The competition named ‘The Great Travel Experiment’ is to help prove that better travel experiences can be achieved by being flexible and spontaneous. It follows on from Busabouts 2018 contest which saw four social media content creators embark on a three months trip across Europe. The ‘Ultimate Travel Squad’ took over the company’s social media platforms during that time.

To apply for The ‘Great Travel Experiment’ hopeful applicants must select a position between storyteller or videographer, state their preferred route and record a 60-second video showcasing the highlights of their hometown whilst being as creative as possible. Candidates may apply alone or as a duo until 8th April 2019. 

Instagram followers will select the six contestants from the Busabout shortlist.

yosamite national park image from busabout

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