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Vicens Museum: Chocolate and Nougat Making in Agramunt

In Spain’s Catalan province of Lleida, to the east of the city itself is the town of Agramunt. There lies the home of the Vicens family turrón (nougat) and chocolate.

First records of the ‘Torró d´Agramunt’ date back to 1741, but the factory is now a little more modern than in those early days. Though it may not look particularly big from the outside, everything from early traditions to modern day conveyor belts can be found on the one site.

vicens nougat and chocolate museum agramunt catalonia spain

For one euro per person, the museum shows visitors the original ingredients, equipment and methods used to make the traditional nougat and chocolate by hand. Using displays and a short video presentation or sometimes an entertaining tour guide, visitors are taken back in time to learn about the family, how they survived war times and how traditions have changed to adapt to the modern world, enabling them to meet demand as the Vicens name became known throughout Spain.

The museum and shop are open 7 days a week.

Once the taste buds are tingling, the boutique shop is full of different nougats and chocolates all said to be made from the finest natural ingredients. The range is vast, including various fruity, nutty, boozy or chocolatey nougats and exquisite chocolates. With a bit of luck, they may have a few out to try beside a jug of turrón liqueur.

vicens traditional chocolatiers agramunt lleida catalunya spain

A range of products has also been created especially for those who like to be active.

The sports range has five different bars that are 100% natural, 70% almond, free of additives, gluten free, heart healthy and an enjoyable part of a Mediterranean diet. They were designed to support different levels of physical activities.

Supporting the sports bars are athletes Eugeni Roselló, Ragna Debats and Pere Aurell alongside Doctor and Master of Food Science at the faculty of Farmacia de Barcelona Magda Carlas. “Without a doubt these are perfect for athletes and also the day to day use for people that like to be active,” said Magda.

“Sin duda, sus virtudes los hacen perfectos para los deportistas, pero también para el día a día de la gente que se mueve.”

Magda Carlas

Beside the shop is the production area. From behind a glass window the production lines can be seen. Alongside, a short video presentation is playing giving information about the history of the company.

vicens torrons d agramunt shop and visitor centre front lleida catalonia spain

“Con cada trozo de nuestro trabajo les invitamos a vivir la pasión de una tierra legendaria y la magia de un producto exclusivo para hacerles sentir un momento inolvidable.”

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