the natural surroundings of monterey california usa with rocks, wild flowers and seagull
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Monterey County Offers Springtime Hiking and Cycling Trails

California’s County of Monterey has become a springtime destination for outdoor activities whilst offering attractions on land, by sea or in the air.

Offering an array of exciting outdoors activities Monterey has become a must visit destination. Along this section of rugged coastline in California, USA, visitors can take in stunning views, watch acrobatic planes or stately ships, hike or cycle and enjoy some of the regions wines or craft beers, with the days ending with spectacular sunsets.

the rugged coastline of monterey california usa

Tourism is the peninsulas largest industry.

This spring is seeing an itinerary of events put together for visitors to enjoy. Two tall ships have been the most recent to dock there, including the Lady Washington, seen in films such as Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. The California International Air show is an annual event around Salinas with fly-bys, stunts and tricks from military and civilian performers.

The largest cycling event, The Sea Otter Classic, visits the Laguna Seca Recreation Area in April. For enthusiasts of all ages and abilities it showcases the areas biking routes alongside an expo of the latest equipment.

The area is home to many hiking routes.

With routes along the coastline, through parks or up to the Ollason Peak, some areas have entrance fees per person or per vehicle. Camping areas are also available.

across the landscape of monterey california usa perfect for hiking

The 18 mile Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail leaves vehicles behind as the pathways are solely for use on foot or by bike. Other routes inland can be steeper, offering views of different terrains, waterfalls, many of the wildlife and plant species of the area, fossils and caves.

After a day of hiking, cycling or sightseeing Carmel beach can offer an evening of relaxation. People gather there, taking food and drinks in preparation to watch one of the area’s best sunsets.

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