money and money boxes

Ten Ways to Earn and Save for Travelling

Ten simple suggestions that help put money aside for travelling.

#1 A money box.

Money boxes are great for putting some money aside. For example: save a specific coin, make it a swear jar or make a cut back and pop the savings in there.

money and money boxes

#2 Decide a budget.

Have fun planning a trip whilst finding out how much things cost. The extras can add up: transport, accommodation, entrance fees, food and drinks, souvenirs, documents, insurance, luggage, clothing, any extras. Be realistic and then round it up a bit.

#3 Sell unwanted things.

Sell anything that is no longer used, needed or wanted. Plenty of local sites or apps such as Gumtree or Facebook allow buyers to sell locally and collect payment. Even small amounts add up if kept in a separate savings account or money box.

#4 Make money from the car.

Private cars can now be rented out for any amount of time using car clubs. Also, there are companies that can be joined for drivers or passengers to be connected for a certain journey to save on fuel costs.

#5 Use loyalty points and coupons

 Joining free loyalty card schemes and using the balance when possible is a good way to save small amounts on everyday items. Coupons should also be used whenever possible.

#6 Compare prices.

Comparing prices for transport, accommodation, insurance and currency exchange can all add up. Many online sites offer competitive rates and incentives.

#7 Watch the currency exchange rate.

It is always worth watching the exchange rate for a while when changing money.  Some companies also offer better exchange rates for a minimum amount or when pre-ordered.

#8  Pack light to save on airline fees.

With many airlines now charging for luggage carriage it is best to carry only what is needed whilst travelling. Not only can this save money but also makes for more comfortable travel and can save time not waiting at the carousel.

#9 Buy pre used or part exchange items.

Especially good for devices such as cameras and other specialised equipment there are many places, especially online that sell used items in good condition or offer part exchange.

#10 Eat well

Cutting down on take away and processed foods is a good way to save money and feel great before travelling. Buying sandwiches and coffees daily or frequent use of a vending machine can all add up too.

Making use of a kitchen or barbecue that accommodation places have to offer saves money on eating meals and snacks out.

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