rocket pure natural hand and foot balm
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Rocket Pure Natural Hand and Foot Balm

After using the natural hand and foot balm from Rocket Pure for a full year, Tony Pippin from the You Tube channel ‘Our World Outdoors’ reviews the product.

Rocket Pure make a range of natural products with a range of scents. Tony’s choice is the tea tree and lemongrass hand and foot balm, made with natural oils. He uses the product to combat the problems he has with his feet from too much time outdoors, for the scent and for its ability to deter bugs.

Tony describes the Rocket Pure footcare to be a ‘game changer’ for him after he has been using the product for a year.

He explains why the product is different to other lotions and footcare products that can be bought in the stores and for these main reasons: Lotions break down the calluses as they absorb deep into the skin, with a balm they stay more on the surface. The first top layers of skin absorb the oils to become softer. For trail runners, hikers or backpackers that may have wet feet, there is also a problem using lotions as there is too much moisture, which can result in the skin peeling or worse. The skin goes through various cycles of pH and moisture levels which can also cause foot odour, this balm has a neutral pH preventing shoes or feet from smelling bad.

The product comes in a lightweight container.

In 2012 a group of athletes got together to create the company Rocket Pure. They found there were no products without chemicals on the market for their feet. The first product they released was a sandalwood based spray deodorant for footwear. Based in Washington, their products are all American made with ingredients sourced within the U.S.

“Having used some of the best foot care lotions, I would not keep using this product for a year if I didn’t like it,” said Tony.

The smell is nice for when sleeping in a tent.

Tony’s wife apparently uses it in a slightly different way, only for their longer hikes and only afterwards. Tony will also use the balm before a hike.  “Using before a hike, the smoothness keeps the sock from rubbing against my foot to offer more protection” he said.

The YouTube video shows a demonstration of how Tony applies the balm to his foot, using his hands instead of rubbing it on from the can.

Each can of balm costs approximately 15 US dollars.

“It lasts, it works, it is a good product and worth the money.”

Apart from using the balm on his hands and feet, Tony has found the product to work in other ways. He explains that sometimes in the winter his face gets chapped in the cold weather, so he uses the balm for windburn and to prevent further chapping.

“Twelve months with this product has really changed my whole foot game,” said Tony. “My feet recover faster.”

Lavender scent is also available.

Tony has and will continue to use the balm before and after hikes as well as before sleeping, especially when staying overnight in a tent.

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