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Adventure Meets Luxury at African National Park

Travellers who still like luxury whilst on an adventure can stay at a tented safari camp in Hwange National Park.

The tented safari camp is the latest addition of adventure travel offerings from Vantage Deluxe World Travel. Set on the borders of Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, the Iganyana tented camp is exclusive to the Vantage company and offers guests pristine luxury throughout their stay.

The Hwange National Park is the oldest and largest in Zimbabwe.

african dusk

As the area is a popular destination for safari goers the camp is included in three of Vantage’s itineraries. The South Africa tour of Zimbabwe & Botswana, the Ultimate Africa Adventure visiting Southern and East Africa and the Deluxe Safari with Waterways of Southern Africa which is a luxury river cruise safari each include a stay at Iganyana.

The camp combines classical African adventures with home comforts.

“Imagine relaxing around a campfire under shooting stars, sipping a glass of wine after a gourmet meal, when suddenly the ground starts to rumble under the steps of hundreds of buffalo, or, over breakfast, you spot a herd of elephants taking a drink from the water hole,” said Henry R. Lewis, CEO, Vantage Travel.  “Guests at Iganyana will experience these once-in-a-lifetime moments: an authentic African safari experience with an element of luxury that only Vantage can provide.”

The Iganyana Tented Camp, Hwange National Park.

A well thought out design with a nature friendly construction has created an unobtrusive and unfenced camp. The 15 spacious safari tents are set amongst the native teak trees of Zimbabwe on red river sand, looking across a wide, dry river bed. The dining area is situated on a raised wooden deck to offer a prime view of the safari land. The golden grassland is home to tall acacia trees and the nearby water hole attracts elephants, kudu, zebra, buffalo, and sable antelope.

The species of wildlife in Hwange are said to be more diverse than any other National Park in the world.

african elephants on safari

Guests have an opportunity to watch the wildlife whilst partaking in a safari activity. Iganyana’s experienced and qualified guides lead driving and walking tours through the Hwange National Park, looking out for any of more than 100 species of mammal, over 400 species of birds and some of the 500 plus wild African elephants.

Vantage offer their guests luxury alongside the adventure by having electricity in the tents, en-suite bathrooms with hot and cold running water, flush toilets, cotton bed linen, fluffy towels, robes and slippers. Food is especially prepared and consists of snacks, teatime delicacies and gourmet meals made from seasonal, locally sourced produce.

inside a luxurious tent at the iganyana safari camp
Inside a tent of Iganyana camp.

The company has previously won awards for their river and solo traveller cruises.

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