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Aloe Vera Products of Fuerteventura

Using a local, natural product of the Spanish Canary island during a hiking holiday refreshed, revived and healed.

The Aloe Vera plant grows well in the climate of the Spanish Canary Islands. Although there is little research to confirm that it holds healing properties the plant has been used for thousands of years with a strong belief that it holds many antibacterial and antioxidant agents.

aloe vera plant
Aloe Vera Plant

We had been travelling around Fuerteventura for over a week. Sleeping in different places around the island we had also spent some nights in a tent, far away from any transport links or people, but getting to know the island’s other residents.

Our muscles were starting to ache from carrying the rucksacks and our skin sore in places, not from the sun which hadn’t shown up much in the first week, but from the incredible wind that lashed against us, our legs unprotected as we only had shorts.  A small bottle of aloe vera gel from a supermarket hadn’t lasted long and we hadn’t been near a shop for days. To top it off I had severe mosquito bites, 12 of them were just around one shoulder with a few more on other parts of my body. These itchy bites had swollen over a few days and when the sun finally did come out, they transformed into blisters, despite my efforts to keep them covered.

When we saw an aloe vera shop ahead we knew that was our heading.

Walking away from the sand dunes of Corralejo we reached the Aloe Vera Fresca Fabrica Shop. We were the only people and were soon greeted by the lady there. She too had travelled, backpacking with her husband years earlier and knew exactly what we needed. Putting a small amount of the special edition extra strong gel on our necks required no explanation. The tension we had felt there slipped away, leaving a warm relaxed feeling down our arms and backs. The gel is a combination of fresh aloe vera with menthol and mint, especially created to have a stimulating yet relaxing effect to relieve and revive tired muscles

A little concerned about the bites, if in fact they really were mosquito bites, I showed her one on my arm. Without a flinch she recognised it to be from a mosquito, stating that many people suffered with the bites in this way. An allergy to a powder like substance they sometimes leave on the skin. I furthered to show her my shoulder and she gave me enough of the gel with Rosa Mosqueta to soothe them all. The gel, made with 98% aloe vera is enriched with oils of rosehip and camomile, all of which help to calm irritated skin.  Thankfully from that first application the bites improved drastically with each use.

aloe vera products from fuerteventura
L’Aloe Vera Fresca de Fuerteventura Products

We had each had a problem in mind when we entered the shop and within minutes, we had our natural cures. Looking around the rest of the small shop they had many other useful products in various sizes and containers.

The prices were not cheap but the products were effective.

We took the biggest size we could of the two bottles. The kind lady also gave us some extra sample sachets, some the same as we had brought so we were prepared for future trips and others to try.

After arriving home we still used the products until our muscles and bites were fully recovered.

aloe vera shop and museum of la oliva
Aloe Vera Shop and Museum, La Oliva

The next time we visit Fuerteventura or any other destination with the aloe vera products it will be our first stop. We were extremely grateful to the lady for knowing straight away what we needed and for curing our travel pains.

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