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One Thousand Dollar Giveaway for Adventure Travellers with Softstar Shoes

Shoe company Softstar are giving away an annual pass for U.S. National Parks, an Orbitz Travel Card and handcrafted shoes, worth over $1,000.

Softstar Shoes is based in Philomath, Oregon where the company was founded in 1985. The aim of the company is to supply customers worldwide with their handcrafted, high quality and ethically sourced footwear. The flexible materials used to create the shoes give a barefoot feel that allows for natural movement, toe splay and stronger feet in children and adults.

Softstar handcrafts a variety of leather shoes for babies, children, and adults in Philomath, Oregon.
Softstar shoes are handcrafted in Oregon.

The ethical attitude adopted by Softstar has gained the company awards over recent years.

Over the past three years Softstar have achieved a place in the top 15 of the ‘100 Best Green Workplaces in Oregon’ from the Oregon Business magazine. The award showcases organisations that exceed traditional sustainability concepts, with factors such as energy conservation, recycling and composting.

Their 12,000 square foot workshop has recently been renovated.

Boasting radiant heat flooring, upcycled building materials, energy efficient lighting and water reclamation systems, the workshop’s energy is now fully sourced from solar and wind power. There are recycling and reuse programs in place for the products and internal operations. There is an outdoor garden for employees to enjoy where they plan to introduce a vegetable garden. The brands footwear is made by hand from high quality leather and sheepskin. According to Softstar, both materials are sourced from ecologically and socially responsible tanneries within the U.S. Customers are also invited to visit the workshop to see the methods of sustainability used.

Softstar's renovated workshop is complete with radiant heat flooring, energy efficient lighting, and upcycled building materials.
The Softstar Workshop

Until 7th May 2019 Softstar are running The National Parks Adventure Giveaway competition through their website.

The lucky winner will get the chance to explore and enjoy the national parks of America with an annual pass worth $80. The pass can be used at more than 2,000 federal recreation sites to cover entrance fees. Not only for national parks, the pass can also be used at selected locations including forests and wildlife refuges.

“It’s easy to get caught up life’s daily stresses and spend too much time in indoor settings,” says Softstar CEO Tricia Salcido. “We encourage everyone to make spending time outdoors a priority in their lives, which comes with endless benefits, from physical health and mental well-being to meaningful connection to our planet. Let’s adventure together this year!”

Lightweight and flexible travel shoes from Softstar that are perfect for any summer adventure.
Travel shoes from Softstar

To travel between the parks, the winner will also receive a travel card with the value of $500. The card, from Orbitz can be used for travel and accommodation expenses, including flights tickets.

To show their passion for the outdoors and their commitment to promoting an active lifestyle, the prize also includes $500 to spend on Softstar shoes, said to make the ideal travel footwear due to being lightweight, packable, flexible and generally versatile. The Dash or Primal RunAmocs are recommended by Softstar for hiking and trekking due to the durability of the 5mm trail sole. The generous prize amount should be enough to get shoes for some walking companions too.

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