Reusable Water Bottles Hit 70 Years Old

The original reusable water bottle was first created by American company Nalgene 70 years ago.

The reusable water bottle was first created in 1949 by Nalgene, a company that was founded in Rochester, New York. As manufacturers of lab equipment, Nalgene was also the first company to create a plastic pipette holder as well as the reusable water bottle.

(PRNewsfoto/Nalgene Outdoor)

The durable and reusable plastic containers drew the attention of campers, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts in the 1970s, leading to the formation of Nalgene Outdoor. Said to be rooted in science and made for life the taste resistant, odour resistant, lightweight and leak proof water bottles became sought after items. The bottles were also used by the Boy Scouts and America’s 1980 Olympics Men’s Hockey Team.  

During the 1980s aerobics craze the bottles were used during classes. By the 90s, students were becoming more aware of the environment and would opt for a reusable bottle over recycling a disposable container.

The water bottle helped increase the awareness that to reduce, one must reuse.

Over the years, different colours, designs and license agreements have been associated with the Nalgene water bottles. Now as the world’s original water bottle celebrates 70 years, the company has released a commemorative limited edition. Available in clementine or olive it has the brand’s first logo of a mountain lion on it. To celebrate adventurous fans of the bottles who stuck stickers on theirs, Nalgene will also give away stickers to their on-line customers for the remainder of 2019.

Elissa McGee, general manager, Nalgene Outdoor said: “We’re proud to celebrate Nalgene’s 70-year mission of delivering reusable products with incredible value. Nalgene is more than the ‘on trend’ water bottle of the day. Born from science 70-years ago, endurance-tested on the trail, and popularised for decades at campsites, gyms, schools, and offices, Nalgene is the real deal.”

The use of the bottles has now become a daily part of life for many people both outdoors or in and for leisure or work. The company continues to offer a premium product at a reasonable price and the environment remains a high priority.

Nalgene have recently launched the ‘Rock n Refill’ initiative with partners Reverb. The non-profit scheme has provided music lovers with more than 325,000 reusable bottles, preventing the use of more than 2.75 million single use bottles.

The ‘Refill Not Landfill’ campaign launched with Brita promotes the benefits of refilling and reusing a water bottle to reduce waste.

With former First Lady Michelle Obama, Nalgene Outdoor encouraged sustainable hydration whilst replacing single use plastic.

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