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Hiking Serra de Llaberia: Catalunya, Spain

Walking from Pratdip to Mont Redon in Catalunya’s Serra de Llaberia hills.

The Serra de Llaberia is a protected natural space in the province of Tarragona. Two of us hiked from the village of Pratdip, known for the locally grown almonds and hazelnuts to Mont Redon. Covering approximately 10km over several hours of steady walking, eating, rehydrating and photo taking there were some difficult areas and a lack of shade in the higher points.

Having previously walked some other routes in this area we were keen to return before the hot summer weather hinders such outdoor activities.

Setting off from the car in Pratdip we took the required kit and headed off in the direction as signed.  This route follows paths with a red and yellow marking.  This can come in useful but probably should not be solely relied upon.  With us, we had topography maps of the area.  They take up next to no space, are light and are extremely useful for when unsure about the direction you are walking or for if there is a chance of veering off the beaten track. 

The route was mainly uphill with dry ground underfoot, making it difficult at times. Going down was harder than going up due to the loose rocks and stones.  Luckily we had the adequate footwear and clothing needed to walk this route.

The scenery and views were well worth the effort.  There was always something to look at.  Trees, plants, colourful flowers, insects, birds and butterflies.  Butterflies were fluttering around us all of the time.  In the evening there was also a constant hum of bees as they went about their work.  There must be some really good honey around there.  There was also a lot of pine growing and the wonderful fresh scent was particularly strong in some areas.

Wandering through the lower ground it was difficult to see far around us as the trees were so dense.  On reaching each clearing the new views never ceased to amaze us as we were getting higher each time.  On leaving the shade provided by the trees we had to take extra care, the sun had become stronger and we could feel it beating down on us.  Regular breaks to re-hydrate were necessary and any time we came across even the smallest shady spot we waited a few minutes to cool down. Occasionally when we were lucky, there would be a slight breeze but otherwise the air was still around us.

From our highest point views could be seen of our starting point, the surrounding mountains and there was a good view as far as the city and port of Tarragona.

We did not make it to the highest point.  The climb became more difficult and we did not feel that we were well enough equipped to continue.  Not necessarily for the going up but for the coming back down.  We found a comfortable ledge to rest and eat before making our final decision.  At around 50 metres off the full 800 metres above sea level to reach the highest summit we decided it was time to head back down.  We were already extremely happy with our achievement.

From seeing more or less the route we had climbed we had a clearer idea of exactly where we were going back down.  At one point we were given an option to go a different way back to the village, which we took.  It was a slightly longer route but the track looked like it would be an easier walk.  Which it was, for a little while.

The final section of the journey re-joined our original road and we entered the village of Pratdip through the same streets we had left.

A thoroughly enjoyable walk and we have already discovered a new heading for another time.

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