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Papua New Guinea is Opening Destination for Epic Trails Series

Season two of the hit T.V. show Epic Trails starts with Eric Hanson exploring Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea is an adventure travel destination for those wishing to partake in activities such as hiking, diving, surfing and fishing. It boasts an unparalleled array of natural beauty, exotic wildlife and culture, especially amongst the many traditional tribes. The country has a population of eight million people communicating in some of eight hundred local languages. Situated to the north of Australia it covers the eastern half of the island of New Guinea in the southwest Pacific.

The first episode of the second season of Epic Trails has aired, showing host Eric Hanson as he spent over a week venturing, on foot, around Papua New Guinea.

Eric explored the diverse landscape and colourful culture of the vastly untouched country famous for coral reefs, hiking trails, jungles, beaches, active volcanoes and rainforests. The programme shows Eric’s expeditions as he treks the Kokoda Trail with PNG Trekking Adventures. The trail covers 96km of the Owen Stanley Range. Said to be one of the world’s most spectacular treks the heights range from 300 metres at the lowest point of Ua’Ule Creek to the highest point of 2,190 metres at Mount Bellamy.

Epic Trails Season Two Premiere Featuring Papua New Guinea

A visit around Rondon Ridge, a luxurious remote lodge in the heart of the highlands is also shown.

“When it boils right down to it, Papua New Guinea is one of the most interesting locations I’ve ever travelled to,” said Eric. “Unique in every sense, there is no question that it is worth the trip to experience the mystique of Papua New Guinea.”

Heliconia, the video production company behind the hit television show specialises in outdoor productions. Epic Trails is just one of several series filmed by them as an exciting and inspiring adventure travel production surrounding places, people and hiking trails. Each episode lasts 30 minutes and can be seen on selected networks or the dedicated YouTube channel.

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