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First Natural Sun Lotion is Better for The Body and The Environment

Caribbean Sol named the first sun lotion made from natural ingredients that help protect skin and the environment.

The completely natural sun cream from Caribbean Sol is produced using non-nano zinc and all mineral ingredients that protect skin from sun damage and skin cancer. The absence of chemicals in their formula also protects the world’s oceans, rivers and reefs.

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“If these chemicals are destroying our reefs, what are they doing to our bodies?” asked Brooke Strasser, a Caribbean Sol spokesperson. The answer lays in a study that was published by the Medical Journal JAMA in May 2019. The study concludes that numerous harmful chemicals can be found in sun creams with the two main culprits being Oxybenzone and Octinoxate, both of which are extremely harmful to the human body. When the cream containing the chemicals is used on the skin it is absorbed into the body and can later be found in blood, urine and breast milk. The effects can result in disruptive hormones, cell damage and skin cancer.

Out with the damage to the human body, the chemicals found in many brands of sunscreen are destroying the world’s eco system.

They chemicals are said to bleach reefs and kill sea life. In some U.S. states and various other countries such as Mexico, a ban has been placed on the use of sun creams that contain specific chemicals.

The company Caribbean Sol is family owned and has more than 30 years of industry experience. Throughout June, they have been raising awareness of their product, the use of chemicals in sun creams and the effects they have.

The campaign #ChooseMineralsNotChemicals was initiated for both World Reef Day on 1st June and World Ocean Day on 8th June. Users of other sun creams were invited to post photos of their chemical containing products across social media with the campaign hashtag. The first 100 participants then received a free travel size bottle of Caribbean Sol SPF 30 and a discount coupon towards a future purchase.

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