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Discover the Beauty of Puerto Rico

Viewers of an eight-part series can discover the highlights of Puerto Rico including the island’s natural beauty, history, culture, cuisine and music.

Puerto Rico is a vibrant and thriving travel destination. In this series of short programmes titled Discover Puerto Rico with Lin-Manuel, presenter Lin-Manuel Miranda highlights the attractions of Puerto Rico. Coming from the island’s first ever destination marketing organisation ‘Discover Puerto Rico‘ the series can be seen online. The series is said to feature the traditional cultures, cuisine and music of the island.

To encourage more people to visit Puerto Rico, the native presenter famous for composing, playwright and acting shares his favourite island locations.

Brad Dean, CEO of Discover Puerto Rico said: “Once again, Lin-Manuel Miranda delivers an extraordinary gift to the people of Puerto Rico. Who better to invite the world to discover the cultural essence and unique experiences of the island than this beloved superstar, who represents the heart, soul and passion of Puerto Rico? Each video showcases what makes our island such a special destination, through the eyes of one of the great storytellers of our time.”

More than just stunning beaches, the island is home to many natural wonders, historical settings, the Spanish colonial district of San Juan and coffee farms.

“In addition to great beaches and tropical rainforests, Puerto Rico offers a remarkable fusion of world-class cultural, artistic and gastronomic experiences,” said Lin-Manuel Miranda.  “In this series we sought to highlight some of those hidden treasures that make Puerto Rico an unparalleled destination with something for everyone.  From stunning museums, public artwork, concert arenas, theatres and opera houses, to dance halls, historic districts, a robust and rebuilding coffee industry, artisanal local restaurants and innovative tourism adventures for this new millennium, Puerto Rico is sending a bold message that it is ready for visitors and open for business.  I invite everyone to check out this web series, grab a pen and paper, and start planning a visit to Puerto Rico today.”

Puerto Rico benefits from a cultural mix of Taino Indian, African and Spanish influences. The island is home to the only rain forest in the United States, a variety of green hotels, farm-to-table cuisine and three of the world’s five bioluminescent bays. The destination’s rich culture, history, cuisine, arts, dance and music are said to be like no other in the world.

musician on the streets on san juan in puerto rico

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