Adventure Travel Collection for Under 35s

A collection of nine adventure travel itineraries have been compiled by specialist company REI across different locations worldwide.

Active adventure travel company REI offer more than 250 adventurous outdoor itineraries across the world with nine of them especially designed to meet the requirements of travellers between the ages of 18 and 35.

REI Co-op Logo (PRNewsFoto/REI)

Regarded as a leader in the industry, each community of which REI is a part of has professionally trained instructors to host trips for all levels. From beginners to advanced there is a wide range of classes, workshops and activities. The company also invests millions each year to local and national non-profit organisations that create access and oversee the running of inspirational outdoor areas.

The Under 35 Trip Collection contains nine itineraries packed with opportunities for hiking, biking and paddling alongside other activities such as yoga and cooking.

The collection is considered by REI to be a fresh take on active travel for younger travellers. Whilst enjoying the outdoors, each adventurer is given the opportunity to discover new places, meet local people and experience new cultures.

The trips were not only created for those between the ages of 18 and 35 but partly by them, allowing each one to meet the requirements of the age group. Factors such as expense and flexibility were a priority.  

“Our team has taken great care to design highly active itineraries with the right balance of down time and most importantly that facilitate a community for younger travellers to travel deeply and responsibly with their peers,” said Justin Wood, senior manager of adventure travel at REI.

“For example, on our nine-day Colombia trip, guests will feel like archaeologists by trekking with a private chef and discovering a lost city older than Machu Picchu and with far less visitors. We bike Medellin, hike in the world’s highest coastal mountain range, meet tribal leaders, and enjoy some well-deserved downtime at the photo famous Tayrona National Park.”

European trips take place in Italy and Greece or the Asian itinerary is multi-sport and potholing focused in Vietnam.

The Latin American trips are in Columbia or Peru and various activities including backpacking or rafting take place across North America.

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