lochwinnoch wetlands and birds rspb site scotland
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RSPB Lochwinnoch: Renfrewshire, Scotland

The RSPB run wetland habitat of Lochwinnoch is situated between Castle Semple Loch and Barr Loch in the Scottish Lowlands area of Renfrewshire.

boats and lily pads at lochwinnoch rspb wetlands site scotland
Boat and Lily Pads on Pond, Lochwinnoch

Home to a variety of bird species the wetlands area of Lochwinnoch is protected. There is a visitor education centre on the site. The different birds and other species of wildlife including deer can be seen from the designated nature trails or bird watching huts. There are two feeding stations, one of which can be seen from the visitor centre viewing area and the other is part of the Aird Meadow Trail.

bird feeding area at lochwinnoch rspb wetlands site scotland
Bird Feeding Station, Lochwinnoch

Rated 4.6 on Google reviews the site offers activities for all the family. The peaceful surroundings offering natural habitats to each seasons’ visiting birds is also host to various events throughout the year. This June there will be family volunteering sessions plus binocular and telescope open days. Other annual events include guided walks and astronomy evenings.

Lochwinnoch as a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) holds a national importance for wildlife within the U.K.

deer at lochwinnoch wetlands scotland
Young Deer at Lochwinnoch

At specific times each year certain bird species can be seen. The Grasshopper Warbler and Sedge Warblers arrive at Lochwinnoch from Africa each Spring. The spring season also brings the Great Crested Grebe with their courtship rituals and is the perfect time of year to see the Reed Buntings. Frogs and toads will spawn in the lily-padded ponds.

lily pads on lochwinnoch rspb site scotland
Lily Pads, Lochwinnoch

Black Cap and Willow Warblers can be seen and heard in May. Swallows roost in large numbers during August. Great Spotted Woodpeckers are regularly seen throughout the year.

Ducklings and Cygnets can be seen developing and growing on the ponds throughout the summer.

swan on nest at lochwinoch rspb wetland scotland
Nesting Swan, Lochwinnoch

The Autumn months allow various species of fungi to grow, which can be seen along he nature trails. Autumn to winter months from November through to March are the ideal time to see wildfowl including the goosanders, goldeneyes and whooper swans plus some hen harriers. Swans, ducks, kingfishers and birds of prey also sit out the cold winter in Scotland.

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