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New Europe and North Africa Walking Tours with Country Walkers

Leading walking adventures company has introduced new guided routes in Scotland, Switzerland, Croatia, Iceland, Slovenia, the Danube River and Morocco.

Providing travellers with the opportunity to partake in guided walking holidays whilst also having time to explore independently, Country Walkers have introduced a series of Flex-Guided tours.  The collection of new destinations and itineraries include some of the most picturesque places across Europe and in Morocco.


Morocco, The Scottish Highlands, Switzerland, Croatia, Iceland, Slovenia and the Danube River walk taking in Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Germany are all included, with the aim of providing travellers with a comfortable, convenient guided trip with a sense of camaraderie.

Each itinerary allows time for walkers to enjoy some time alone and opportunities to be spontaneous but without the tasks of planning and organising. The company also offers self-guided and fully guided tours.

Timo Shaw, President of Country Walkers said: “For 40 years it has been our mission to help travellers actively experience the best of the world, so we are pleased to introduce our new Flex-Guided travel option as well as new itineraries in new destinations.


“We are confident our guests will enjoy these meticulously planned, unique itineraries that put many benefits, including expanded horizons, physical health, new friends and fresh ideas within reach.”

The Flex-Guided adventures are said to perfectly suit travellers who like the camaraderie of a group walk, the opportunities to be spontaneous, the chances to have some afternoons and evenings alone and all with the ease of not having to plan all the details themselves.

Groups are limited to a maximum of 20 people and are guided by a local expert.

Most of the walks are accompanied by a local guide to provide local information, show nearby attractions and recommend places to relax, explore and eat. Home hosted meals and boutique accommodations are a part of each trip with the chance of dining independently if desired.

16 of Country Walkers itineraries for 2020 will include the Flex-Guided tour option.

2019 marks the 40th anniversary of Country Walkers, the adventure travel company based in Vermont, USA. The company now provides active travel experiences across five continents. Alongside the walking and exploration, each trip also showcases the destinations local cuisine, culture and authentic accommodation.

Other worldwide destinations with Country Walks include; England, Ireland, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Peru, Vermont, Maine, Wyoming, Quebec.

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