farena catalunya spain

Farena: Catalunya, Spain

Situated within the Mountains of Prades, close to the Brugent River, it sits at 610m above sea level.

Farena is a small medieval mountain village in the province of Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain.

The village is easily accessible by car and as there are parking facilities is the ideal starting point for the surrounding bike and walking routes. The nearby fields home horses and the streets have the odd friendly dog and cat roaming around, looking for company, attention and food. There was, once rivers running alongside, popular for trout fishing but unfortunately that was in times gone by with only small, cool streams for splashing in to cool down remaining. But, the bee hives can be seen, painted in bright colours, along the mountain paths.

The streets are deserted and the buildings old, partially derelict looking but with plants and flower growing up the outside walls. The village is home to approximately 50 buildings altogether, including houses, restaurants and hostels, with new ones under construction. Even though it’s the start of summer the log piles are high, no doubt used for cooking throughout the warmer months and to heat the wood burners within the homes during the colder winters.

The quiet, cobbly streets wind through the village, leading up to the 12th Century church of Sant Andreu.  Typical of many old villages in the area there are stairs and hills, no one, including the elderly mutter a word at the daily climb to go anywhere or return home, but there doesn’t seem to be many people left as younger generations move to the towns and cities for work and convenience.

The nearby Font Calenta is within a short walking distance from the village.  Offering refreshing, cold water.  This spring was rediscovered in August 2003 and is now a memorial for Maciá Mallol and Soler.  The help and enthusiasm of their grandchildren enabled the rediscovery of this spring which had been lost for many years.

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