romannas malta visit for skysurftravel

Sites New Tool Finds Super Cheap Flight Deals

Newly added tool on SkySurf.Travel finds multi-city flight tickets at affordable prices.

Said to make wandering the world super cheap SkySurf.Travel have launched a new multi-city trip generator tool to their site. Currently giving the user a chance to find multi-city flight deals throughout Europe, USA, India and Brazil future updates will also find deals for worldwide multi-stop trips.

Trips can be planned by filling out a form with information including departure date and airport, destinations, number of passengers, currency, stop over destinations and an end date. The site tool will then generate an itinerary that allows the travellers to visit up to nine locations. The cost can often be the same as one standard round trip.

SkySurf.Travel – Explore super-cheap multi-city air ticket deals

“SkySurf was built to help people tour the world on a budget,” said Gregory Rzeczko, SkySurf.Travel’s founder. “Our latest tool supports that mission and takes it one step further. Users will discover new places, and they’ll travel to places they never thought of when it’s built into their itinerary, where they’ll hopefully find unexpected wonder and culture that’ll make them want to go back.”

Catering for flexible travellers who want to see the world, the primary tool on SkySurf.Travel was launched in 2017. According to them, the aim was to offer inexpensive flights to a variety of dream destinations whilst making it easy to make multiple stops along the way. Some prices are said to be as affordable as a bus ticket.

The capabilities of the site are highlighted in its blog.

The series of written and photography posts are uploaded by blogger Romanna, including a trip to eight European cities for $815.

romannas malta visit for skysurftravel
SkySurf.Travel Romanna’s trip to Malta

“It’s really fun hearing about Romanna’s adventures as she travels from place to place. Our new multi-city trip generator tool will make it so more people can plan their own tours of the country or the world, which has always been our number one goal,” said Gregory.

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