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Travel Canada’s Outdoors Like a Canadian

The most popular and fastest growing tourist hotspots in Canada all take in the Great Outdoors.

After the long winter months, Canadians enjoy their summer months and are currently doing so enjoying outdoor activities in their own country, according to Expedia travel experts. Not only does their budget last longer but 26% of the 750 people asked in a recent Google survey said what they love the most about summer is their home weather and the outdoor activities.

Data collected by Expedia has shown that the destinations that are increasing in popularity are all rural locations surrounded by the great outdoors and various activities. Destinations including Canmore, Osoyoos, St. John’s, Whistler, Charlottetown, Mont-Tremblant, Ucluelet, Squamish, Parksville, Saguenay, Huntsville and Fernie2 are all on the list.

Jon Montgomery, Canadian Olympic gold medalist and host of CTV’s The Amazing Race Canada has stated that after travelling the world for both sport and the TV show that there really is no better place than his Canadian home.

“The summer is the perfect time to explore our own backyard, Canada. It’s a place I always come back to and continue to discover.”

Jon Montgomery

Jon’s top five destinations are St. John’s in Newfoundland, Quebec City in Quebec, Clear Lake in Manitoba, Whitehorse in Yukon and Sugar Bear Cove in British Columbia.

For other Canadian travellers, Toronto is the most popular destination in Canada this summer, according to Expedia flight data. Halifax is in second place with Montreal in third. Other popular cities at the top of the list are Vancouver in St. John’s, Calgary in Ottawa and Quebec City, all of which are ideal starting points for a road trip.

Sailing on Toronto Harbour.

Expedia’s data also revealed that 36% of adventure and 38% of beach destinations were the most appealing for Canadian travellers. 40% of those asked preferred to travel in July. Over two thirds take advantage of long weekends away, with August being the most popular month.

One week is said to be the most popular holiday duration for those staying in Canada, shortly followed by a fortnight.

As with many destinations, timing when booking accommodation, flights and packages is important for finding the best prices.

Mary Zajac, PR Manager for Brand Expedia said: “With so many Canadians wanting to get close to nature this summer, a holiday rental can be a great way to escape the crowds at a hotel or resort and really unplug. Whether you’re travelling as a larger group of friends or as a family, this alternative form of accommodation allows for that element of flexibility. It gives additional space, multiple bathrooms and sometimes depending on the property, laundry facilities on-site. Holiday rentals also provide travellers the opportunity to eat in, perhaps allowing them to spend some of those saved dollars on a local activity instead.”

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