dog safety harness for outdoors and road trips
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PetSafe Launches Adventure Harness for Dogs

A new versatile harness for dogs has been launched for safety and storage whilst on foot and in the car.

The new Walk Along outdoor harness has been introduced by PetSafe to make going out on adventures easier and safer when taking the dogs. The harness has a zipped storage pocket and a seat belt tether, making it versatile for when out walking or on road trips.

“Saddle bag harnesses can be bulky and often tricky when trying to even out weight on both sides,” said Krista Nixon, PetSafe Toys and Behavior Category Manager. “The small pouch on top of the Walk Along Outdoor Harness eliminates the worry of adding too much weight that could cause strain on your dog.”

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Highly trusted by dog owners PetSafe offer innovative solutions for them to safely spend more time outdoors and in the car with their pets.  

This latest harness offers a variety of features including a handle that is also a seat belt tether, a water-resistant zipped pocket for safely storing wallets, phones or keys. There is also a standard and no-pull lead attachment and padded chest straps for extra comfort. Available in both orange and black, the harness has reflectors to enhance visibility during hours of darkness.

dog safety harness for outdoors and road trips

Other car items in the range include safety seats, booster seats, hammocks and a car cuddler.

Their travel organiser kit is also suitable for many outdoors activities. It can hold food for a few days in a lined compartment to keep it fresh plus a day’s water supply in a shatter-proof bottle. The interior, external pockets and the ventilated pockets can hold a lead, towel, toys, medication, brush, poop bags, first aid kit, sleeping blanket, food mat and bowls. The bag is also comfortable to carry with a non-slip rubber grip and shoulder strap.

The PetSafe brand is already a global leader in pet products. Available online and in pet shops across the U.S. their products and services cover over 50 countries.

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