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Sandcastle Sleepover Available on

Travellers to Coney Island can book a unique stay behind sandcastle walls this August.

The innovative team at have added a sandcastle stay to their portfolio of unique properties and one of a kind experiences that can be found across their site.

The Sandcastle Stay was completed at the iconic Luna Park in Coney Island near Manhattan on 19th August in celebration of National Sandcastle Day. It was created as part of the island’s 29th annual Beach Sand Sculpture Competition. It is a exclusive. Image

Built from approximately 100 tonnes of sand the castle reflects the style of a modern mansion. It stands 18-foot long, 18-foot wide and 8-foot tall. It is the largest sand sculpture to be built in New York City.

The project was overseen by Matt Long, known as the ‘Sandman’ he was a cast member for two seasons of the Sand Masters reality TV show on the Travel Channel. He has also been involved with the construction of large sand structures in southeast Asia and is known worldwide for his work.

Offering all the amenities a sand structure of its scale can, guests will enjoy a dinner for two on the boardwalk and beach yoga at sunrise. Luna Park VIP passes are also included in the $29 per night stay. Guests will stay in the one double room with a bed, private entrance to the property and free on-site parking. Image

A 2018 survey of over 53,000 travellers showed that 43% would choose to stay in a type of accommodation that they have not experienced before. pride themselves on offering travellers more unique places to stay than any other travel company in the world. Other properties across the site include caves, houseboats, castles, igloos, national landmarks, tents and trains.

Overnight stays for the Sandcastle Sleepover will take place on 23rd and 24th August 2019.

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