tiger in indias madhya pradesh
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Tiger and Tourism Boost for India’s Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is Shortlisted for Two Travel Awards as it Regains ‘Tiger State’ Name.

The central Indian State of Madhya Pradesh has confirmed recording the highest tiger count in India after releasing their 2018 All India Tiger Estimation Report. The tiger population in the state has increased from 308 in 2014 to 526 in 2018, earning it once again the title of Tiger State.

tiger in indias madhya pradesh
Tiger in Bandhavgarh
(PRNewsfoto/Madhya Pradesh Tourism)

The people of the area and those working towards tiger protection in the local reserves, national parks and other establishments have been congratulated by the Chief Minister, Kamal Nath. He said: “Madhya Pradesh is known for tigers. The findings of the report prove that the state is the safest residency for tigers as well as other wildlife.” Giving a special mention to one reserve that has seen a considerable increase in tiger population, he also said: “The Panna Tiger Reserve has set an example in wildlife management and conservation by doing extraordinary work in tiger protection.”

Tourists are attracted to the state not only to see the tigers but also for other species of wildlife, outdoors adventure, heritage and culture.

Continuously striving to develop in the tourism sector a recent documentary directed by Sir Richard Attenborough and produced by the BBC has given viewers an insight to the state’s Bandhavgarh Reserve.

On the back of being renamed the Tiger State, Madhya Pradesh has also been nominated for two prestigious International Travel and Tourism Awards. The categories include Best Regional Destination and Best Food Destination, as Indore becomes recognised as a city for food lovers, even earning a place on the global gastronomy map.

gwalior fort in indias madhya pradesh
Gwalior Fort

According to the Madhya Pradesh tourist board other popular attractions in the region include: The naturally breath-taking beauty of Bhedaghat with moonlit boat rides through towering mountains and over marble rock, the diamond mines within the national park of Panna, Jabalpur as the home of waterfalls and the Dumna nature park, the cities and lakes of Bhojtal, Gwalior Fort and Chanderi as the home of exquisite saris.

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