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End of Summer Adventures in Morro Bay

California’s Morro Bay is home to last minute outdoor adventures as summer comes to an end.

Set within the Morray Bay State Park on the central coast of California, Morro Bay offers outdoor activities on land and in the water. Cycling is the perfect way to see around the town, check out the trails, see miles of pristine beach with clear water or follow the backroads and Highway 1 for views across the bay. Surrey bikes are also available to hire from Beachfront Kites and Surreys.

As the nearby sand dunes are only accessible by sea visitors must reach them by boat, paddle board or kayak. Kayaking in these surrounding waters is said to be a spiritual experience with the dunes providing a magical setting for a picnic.

The calm, flat waters of Morro Bay make it an ideal location for paddle boarding, especially for beginners. The tranquil setting and surrounding scenery also makes it one of the best spots in California for the more experienced paddle boarders to practice paddle board yoga.

Morro Bay celebrates its epic surf culture on September 20th for the official California Surfing Day.  The volcanic peak of Morro Rock offers surf breaks and mile of sandy beaches. Lessons are available at the Morro Rock Surf Shop and the Wavelength Surf Shop.

Other activities that can be enjoyed all year round are hiking, kite flying, bird watching, fishing and sailing.

The area is home to various parks. Cloister’s Park which opened in 1989 has a wetland area, a natural habitat for various species of fish and small birds. The park contains walking paths to the wetlands and beaches plus barbecue facilities. Visitors to the park may notice that there are no trees within it, this is in accordance to the Coastal Commission’s guidelines in order to preserve the watershed.

A nearby walking trail to Cabrillo Peak is also accessible all year round. Rated at a moderate level, the 2.3 mile trek has an incline of 787 feet. The non-circular walk features species of colourful wildflowers.

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