edinburgh christmas market
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Edinburgh Christmas Market: Scotland

Princes Street Gardens, close to Waverley train station is the setting for the Christmas market at Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh.

With a vibrant and bustling atmosphere, the market has the modern shopping and commercial district on one side whilst looking up at the other is the old town and Edinburgh Castle.

On throughout the festive season the Christmas market has both British and continental stalls offering an array of hot foods, sweets, gifts, decorations and mulled alcohols.

food and drink stalls at edinburgh christmas market

The Scottish temperatures make this an exceptionally wintry atmosphere and the hours of darkness over Edinburgh at this time of year means visitors are likely to catch the market lit up at some point during their visit.

The market also has an ice-skating rink and funfair attractions.

edinburgh chritmas market

Over recent years Edinburgh’s Christmas market has been described as one of the best in Europe via on-line interaction and reviews.

Some other outdoor attractions around the picturesque city include Holyrood Park with walks to Arthur’s seat, Portobello Beach, The Royal Botanic Gardens, Inverleith Park and Dean Village. The Royal Mile is also the route historically taken by royalty between their Holyrood Palace and Edinburgh Castle.

For nature and science lovers there is the Dynamic Earth visitor attraction, taking visitors through the ages from the big bang to the modern day.

Hostel, guesthouse, apartment and hotel accommodation can all be found around the city for reasonable prices and Scotland never has a shortage of places to eat. Haggis, vegetarian haggis, hot pies, venison and fish and chips all contribute to the local cuisine washed down with a dram or two of Scotch whisky or an Irn Bru.

The extensive and frequent rail network around this part of Scotland also make it easy to visit other places including Glasgow for their Christmas festivities that also run throughout the full festive season.

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