RADACAT messenger and tracker
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The World’s Most Advanced Tracker Device Released

RADACAT have released their off grid, long range tracker and communication device as the most advanced in the world.

The latest in tracker and communication devices is now available to order on Indigogo. Created by Canadian technology company RADACAT this second-generation item requires no mobile network, no internet connection and no satellite service.

RADACAT messenger and tracker

The RADACAT GPS Messenger 2 and Mini Tracker has now become the most advanced in the world as GPS and LoRa technologies allow the user to create a private network or join other RADACAT users in their area via their public mesh network.

The device is said to be the most affordable tracker on the market due the lack of other service providers required to use it.

Designed to be perfect for outdoor adventures, emergency situations and international travel the features of the GPS Messenger 2  include: a 6 mile range for off grid texting and location which reaches to 42 miles with the relay turned on, 100% private network with 128 bit encryption, built in GPS for high accuracy, no monthly fees, requires no service providers, downloadable HD maps to cover off grid travelling, lightweight, operates at temperatures from as low as -20°C to a high of 60°C plus it is EU, CE and US FCC certified.

Other highlights include the 48 hour continuous working time and the small tracker can be attached to children, pets or items of property to easily locate them.

The improved reliability, range, GPS module and app interface has resulted in a more advanced device than the first generation one tracker from RADACAT. The first generation is an Amazon top seller within its category and has received five-star reviews.

The RADACAT company was founded in Canada’s Vancouver in 2016 with the aim to enable everyone to keep in touch from anywhere and at any time.

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