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Connecticut Offers Late Winter and Early Springtime Activities

Enjoy the last of the mountain snow and dabble in some springtime fun in America’s southern New England.

The American state of Connecticut is in southern New England. Covering a north to south distance of 70 miles and spanning 110 miles across according to their office of tourism, the state is home to small towns, rural areas and coastal hot spots.

As winter draws to the end and springtime weather begins to emerge, the area is offering a wide range of activities including eagle spotting, zip lining, wildlife cruises and maple sugaring in the countryside.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

There is a network of hiking and biking routes that cover miles and take in the area’s rivers and waterfalls. The Last Green Valley is a top spot for various winter activities and spring hikes, after the sun goes down the dark night sky offers star gazing opportunities. Connecticut blooms in April and May creating a tapestry of daffodils, tulips, dogwoods and cherry blossom. Zooming over the treetops is also possible at the zip lining and aerial adventure parks.

Go Eagle and Seal Watching

Eagles escape their summer habitats in Maine and Canada by heading to Connecticut for the winter months. As the population of bald eagles grows so does the opportunity to see them, from land or on board a river cruise. Seals can also be seen in Norwalk.

Bald Eagle

Venture into the woods for Maple Sugaring

From the end of February until April it is maple sugar season. Demonstrations and festivals take place across Connecticut. Other places also offer wine, beer and food tastings.

Maple Sugaring

History, Arts and Culture

Other activities taking place this year include art exhibitions, museum events, themed train rides, whale exhibits, salt cave yoga, indoor rock climbing and ice fishing.

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