shenandoah national park

More travel experiences unveiled by REI Adventures

REI announces expansions across their itineraries for national park, backpacking, cycling, Grand Canyon and European trips.

The adventure travel company REI Co-op has announced the introduction of new experiences and destinations including Shenandoah National Park, Patagonia, Norway and Slovenia to their portfolio of more than 300 custom designed itineraries that they offer worldwide.

Mark Seidl, REI Divisional Vice President of Experiences said: “We intentionally design every active adventure to connect with local communities in a meaningful way that only REI can offer. By doing so, we want our guests to gain a broader perspective of the world and be transformed through the experience.”

backpacking patagonia
Fitz Roy and Los Glaciares National Park.

The popularity of the North America backpacking trips has led to the introduction of trips to backpack Patagonia, taking in the remoteness and rugged beauty of this South American region famous for its wildlife. They are the first of REI’s itineraries to the destination and are to include exploring Fitz Roy, Los Glaciares National Park and the region’s trekking capital of El Chalten. During the excursions travellers can hike through lenga forests, meadows, across glaciers, iceberg-laden bays and moraines and take in some of the areas spectacular views including the world’s second largest non-polar ice mass. Other activities are to include kayaking, cycling and access to the W trail for some volunteering work to help maintain the trail.


Three itineraries have been introduced to explore Shenandoah National Park offering a multisport adventure, lodge to lodge hiking or a cycling weekend.

The Shenandoah was declared a national park in 1925 to be one of the first in the east of the USA. The trips will run from spring when the blossom is out until Autumn for the vibrant colours. The park is home to many hiking routes, the Appalachian Trail, rocky peaks, wetlands, waterfalls, caverns, a treetop zip line, anthodite, birds and the black bear. A four-day backpacking trip is also due to be added.

Shenandoah national park
Shenandoah National Park

For national park lovers, trips to the Grand Canyon are also to be expanded. Six new itineraries offering 14 new adventures have been introduced. Hiking, cycling and backpacking are the main attractions for this famous area.

In Norway, two new itineraries have been added to include the Lofoten Islands hiking and cycling around the fjords. These give travellers the opportunity to hike up glacier carved mountains, kayak, discover the local fishing communities, cruise a fjord, watch for eagles, visit the island of Værøy and swim in the cold waters.

lofoten norway
Lofoten, Norway

In Slovenia, travellers hike the Julian Alps to discover the high limestone peaks, waterfalls, dense forests and farms to swim, raft and visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Škocjan Caves.

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