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Tourist Interaction Cafe Opening at Tokyo Station

East Japan Railway Co. open the Japan Rail Cafe as a place for foreign visitors to meet and interact.

The Japan Rail Cafe will open its doors for the first time today as East Japan Railway Co. launches their new venture to inspire tourists and find more local and seasonal information as they interact with each other.

With an aim to offer visitors to Japan a variety of experiences the cafe will display up to date travel information and the ‘only now’ and ‘for yourselves only’ categories, to be full of current information that cannot be found in guidebooks or online.

Springtime in Japan

Mainly aimed at foreign tourists, it is to be a place where people can meet, help each other and talk about their experiences. Visitors are also likely to talk about their hometowns, generating more travel inspiration and diversity.

The company hopes that talking about trips whilst meeting new friends will enhance the visitors experience whilst in Japan.

Visitors can enjoy an exclusive experience that they cannot get anywhere else with the 140-inch screen that has been installed to give a virtual experience of travelling around Japan. The Wall Shop also offers digital content full of travel information via the internet.

Working with Japan Guide, videos will be shown of seasonal, current footage. Each of the places will be of interest for that moment in time including cherry blossom, hiking, festivals and snow destinations alongside many other categories.


Working with tourism boards and promotion campaigns across the country an information desk has also been set up where visitors can obtain more official information, exchange vouchers or purchase tickets.

Seasonal Japanese food and beverages will be on sale at the cafe with some exclusive products created with Senchado Tokyo, a local Japanese tea producer. Visitors will also have the chance to learn about the foods of different regions and how to appreciate Japanese tea with a meal.

Situated at Gran Tokyo North Tower 1F next to JR Tokyo Station the Japan Rail Cafe is outside the Yaesu Central Gate. It is open from 8:00am until 10:00pm weekdays and until 9:00pm weekends and public holidays. The travel counter is open until 4:00pm every day. Free wi-fi is always available.

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