Adventure, History and Culture in Mexico’s San Luis Potosi

Located in central Mexico, the state of San Luis Potosi holds history, culture and adventure, offering visitors mesmerising experiences.

Divided into the five areas of Central, Highlands, the Huasteca, Midland and the capital of San Luis Potosi the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi offers visitors a wealth of experiences to showcase the astonishing history, vibrant culture and astonishing natural beauty.

The tourist board, Visita San Luis Potosi has revealed some of the area’s most attractive information and locations for everyone looking for adventure.

From the middle of the 16th century until the 19th century, the area was important for the mining of silver and gold. The old trade route is still recognised by the colonial buildings, temples and the San Francisco Garden.

Colonial architecture can be found in the villages and estates, particularly those of the Highlands. With the old royal mine of Real de Catorce nearby, now referred to as a ghost town by Visita San Luis Potosi, there is also the natural, sacred, desert area of Wirikutu. Wirikuta, recognised by UNESCO is the home of the Wirárika Indians.

Old houses within the historic centre now serve as restaurants, museums and other establishments.

The Central area is home to museums, arts centres, temples, theatres, plazas and the Hidalgo Garden. UNESCO have included some of the attractions in the Royal Road of the Interior Land in their Cultural Heritage of Humanity list.

Festivals showcase the local traditions and customs in the Midland region.

The Midland is where the Media Luna Lagoon can be found. The lagoon is a popular destination for swimming, snorkelling and diving depths of up to 30 metres. The water in various shades of blue and turquoise stay within temperatures of 27 to 30 degrees. The surrounding state park is recommended for walking, camping and picnics to absorb the natural beauty and see the resident turtles.

Made up of 20 municipalities that boast lush vegetation and are said to shape the natural landscape, The Huasteca hosts activities across various terrains.

Visitors can enjoy the waterfalls and sports at the Micos River, explore the woods of El Trampolín, take in the stunning views from the Puente de Dios and witness the spectacular birds at the Cave of Swallows. The area is dotted with emerald pools, some of which can be seen at the Old Mines waterfalls and clear blue and turquoise waters such as those of the Tamul Waterfalls.

Around the deserted towns and old ruins of Realejo, inside caves or amongst the oaks and pine trees are places for walking, mountain biking, horse riding, zip lining and climbing. Abseiling and caving are also popular activities around the Sierra de Álvarez.

waterfall in huasteca mexico

Gardens, pre-historic cities and methods of traditional medicine can also be found during a stay in Mexico’s San Luis Potosi.

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