waterfall at americas yosemite national park

Holiday in America's National Parks

With 2020 predicted to be a year for low cost holidays, Great Vacations announce their choice of American National Parks.

Offering visitors economic yet exciting holiday options, national parks across the U.S.A. could prove to be popular destinations for holidays this year according to the travel platform Great Vacations. Describing themselves as an innovative and savings platform dedicated to offering travellers discounts across activities, transport, accommodation and packages, they also offer members a reward scheme.

Yosemite National Park covers almost 1,200 square miles. Popular with hikers and campers it is situated in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. The park boasts a tranquil natural environment with stunning scenery and a rugged wilderness. Many species of birds and trees can be found with the park being known for its sequoias. Famous for its waterfalls, places of interest include Bridalveil Fall and the granite cliffs.

waterfall at americas yosemite national park

Yosemite has been a protected area since 1864. The village offers accommodation, amenities, a museum, theatre and the gallery of photographer Ansel Adams.

Yellowstone National Park is recommended for the springtime to soak in the swimming area of Boiling River and enjoy camping around the park.

As the first to be titled a national park in America Yellowstone has held the status since 1st March 1872.

This is a special year for the park as it currently celebrates 25 years since the wolf was reintroduced to the area. Other animal species that can be seen around Yellowstone are bison, bears, antelope and elk.

bison at americas yellowstone national park

The 3,500 square miles covers areas of Montana and Idaho, however, most of the national park is in Wyoming. Full of geological wonders it offers visitors the opportunity to spend time in lush forests, clear rivers, hot springs and canyons.

Digital content including live webcams, apps and virtual tours are all being set up to showcase the national park of Yellowstone.

Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park has been described by Great Vacations as a marvellous wonder of the world that nothing can really compare to.

gran canyon national park in america

The millions of years of geological history can be seen all around in the layers of red rock and miles of rivers, which all help to create a memorable visit for all visitors to the national park. Desert View, Mather Point and Lipan Point are popular scenic viewpoints.

The Grand Canyon national park’s two rims of north and south offer hiking and biking routes, rafting opportunities and camping spots. The south rim is open all year round whilst the north is due to open in May.

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