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Fish Skins Create New Snack for Goodfish

Company creates new snack from salmon skin that is said to be healthier whilst improving the ecosystem and reducing waste.

Justin Guilbert and Douglas Riboud are the founders of Harmless Harvest, a company that started out producing organic and Fair for Life coconut water. Their latest development in producing healthier, sustainable foods that are fully traceable and support a local economy are the Goodfish crispy salmon skins.

The snacks are made from Wild Alaska Sockeye salmon sourced from the well-regulated fisheries of Alaska’s Bristol Bay. Made from the skin that is often disposed of the snacks are said to be good for the skin, brain and body.

goodfish salmon skin snacks

The marine collagen in the snacks support healthy skin, nails, hair, bones and joints whilst the omega 3 fats are vital for a healthy heart and blood pressure. Also containing protein, 90 calories and no carbs, they are considered a healthy snack or addition to a meal.

“We have once again found a food category whose industry and sourcing could benefit from progressive practices in a radical way,” said Justin Guilbert, Goodfish co-founder and chairperson. “From environmental impact and wildlife management to ecosystem and social practices to thrive again, Goodfish will adapt sustainable seafood to our terrific appetite for healthier snacking.”

The salmon skins are in light packaging with a selection of the four flavours of sea salt, spicy barbecue, cranberry and ginger with lime. They are available to purchase from Goodfish or some retailers.  

goodfish logo

“Goodfish demonstrates that innovation, transparency, and progressive practices in the seafood industry can and must go beyond a niche appeal and tip into the mainstream,” said Douglas Riboud, Goodfish co-founder and CEO.

Goodfish has been working on the creation of the salmon skins and the supply chain for over two years, working alongside strategic partners including AF Ventures.

Lauren Jupiter, Managing Partner of AF Ventures said: “Goodfish’s founders Douglas and Justin redefined the coconut water space and are well on their way to redefining the snacking industry and how consumers think about their consumption habits in the context of the global marine ecosystem.

“Upcycling a nutrient-dense ingredient that has historically been overlooked, Goodfish’s salmon skin is paving the way for future categories to rethink innovation. We are proud to support this challenger brand.”

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