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Well-being and Holistic Health for Travellers in India

Kolkata is the new destination for wellness and travel platform Riwigo as they expand their portfolio for travellers in Asia.

Previously a platform offering holistic and wellness experiences solely across Thailand, Riwigo is adding India’s Kolkata to the list of destinations. The announcement came from Anurag Kaushik, CEO and co-founder of Riwigo, who has worked in partnership with Kolkata native, Krishnendu Chatterjee.

With an aim to revive travellers whilst exploring south and south-east Asia, Riwigo is accessible by their app or website. Search options allow the user to choose their experience based on location, provider or treatment. Sightseeing tours, entertainment tickets and accommodation can also be booked through the platform.  

Offering bookings at discounted prices and with instant confirmation, Riwigo has already proved to be popular with domestic and international travellers.

Mr. Kaushik’s vast experience within the wellness and hospitality industry has been vital in setting up Riwigo alongside co-founders Gai Nanthana and Nitheesh Poojary. The platform was a place for them to experiment with the idea off offering unique, local experiences through discounted massage, spa and beauty treatments. Making holistic well-being available to everyone is allowing the team to be one step closer in introducing people to preventative healthcare and them favouring it over the reactive healthcare that people have become accustomed to in today’s faster paced and more stressful lifestyle.

Their current offerings are based in locations across Thailand within Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Kon Chang, Koh Samui, Pattaya, Phuket, Rayong and Udon Thani.

In West Bengal‘s Kolkata, the experiences are to include yoga retreats, wellness centres, traditional Indian ayurvedic centres, spas, salons and beauty clinics. Mr. Kaushik is also planning for further expansion in the future as the Riwigo team works towards becoming the one stop site for holistic health, wellness and travel.

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