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Experience Orlando from Home

Visit Orlando have more than 85 virtual experiences that can be enjoyed through films or live streaming, without leaving home.

Through streaming live film specials, Facebook live broadcasts, YouTube videos and 360-degree online experiences, Visit Orlando have over 85 activities that everyone can enjoy from home using any type of online device.

roller coaster in orlando florida

Said to be America’s most visited destination, the city of Orlando in central Florida is also said to be the theme park capital of the world. Indoor sky diving, karting, water parks and space related attractions are just some of the other experiences available. Representing 1,200 companies in the area, Visit Orlando is the official, not for profit tourism association.

George Aguel, President and CEO of Visit Orlando said: “We recognise that now, more than ever, we all want to escape from reality, even if it’s just for a moment. Whether you like floating down a lazy river in one of our resort pools or immersing yourself into The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, we hope these experiences provide a much-needed break from everyday life.”

disney castle in orlando florida

Ziplining over alligators, watching fireworks over Cinderella’s famous castle, riding a 200 foot roller coaster drop or learning how to draw Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse are just some of the free, virtual experiences that are available now.

Virtual visitors are invited to experience the indoor skydiving at iFLY by seeing the inside of the vertical, high-energy wind tunnels that allow users to float on air columns. Another high-speed thrill puts the virtual guest in the driving seat for a race through Andretti’s indoor track.

For animal lovers, Central Florida Zoo will show their animal’s habitats each day through a series of Facebook live films, whilst SeaWorld will be showing their colony of penguins. Also on Facebook, the Gaterland’s School of Croc will be live each day showcasing alligators, crocodiles, pythons and monitor lizards.

harry potter castle orlando

Water based fun can be had onboard a swan boat across the Eola Park lake, by floating down a winding lazy river or by gushing through rapids. Other rides include a runaway railway, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Legoland’s steel roller coaster. Whilst space cadets can learn about Mars, living in space and tour the Space Shuttle Atlantis with Kennedy Space Centre.

Other activities include the showing of IMAX films, listening to music, learning about movies, seeing museums, appreciating art and various other educational features.

The announcement came just days after Florida’s Jacksonville released their virtual experience hub as part of the #JaxFromHome initiative and Germany’s Hannover began their Travelling Without Moving tours, also part of the #closedbutopen campaign.

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