Scenic Cruise Company Launches Digital TV Platform

Viking Cruises creates channel to immerse viewers in history, science, culture and cuisine across various global destinations.

The new channel of Viking.TV has been launched as the cruise company, well known for river, ocean and lake expedition cruises bring their world to the small screen. The announcement was first made by Karine Hagen, Executive Vice President of Viking via a video on their homepage.

Sydney Harbour
Image: Viking Cruises / PRNewswire

Viewers can enjoy a variety of travel experiences from home as the channel offers daily content and livestreaming to travellers online.

Karine said: “Right now, we are all staying at home instead of traveling together. My father, Torstein Hagen and I felt that if we cannot for the time being bring our guests to the world, let’s bring the world to our guests.

“Viking.TV is a way for us to continue exploring the world in comfort, from the comfort of our homes. And as soon as actual travel is less complicated again, we are ready to welcome guests back onboard.”

Image: Viking Cruises / PRNewswire

The concept behind the channel was to build up a community, allow people to stay connected and share positive experiences from around the world. The content includes destinations that guests would be able to visit on board a Viking cruise plus live content from partners, experts and individuals across different fields of interest, some of which are to include live viewer questions. All content will remain available online after the live streaming.

Each day a different programme will be broadcasted.

Mondays will showcase a collection from Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. The director of the Munch Museum in Oslo will conduct a streamed session to access exhibitions, speak with other experts and curators and explain restoration facilities.

History will be the topic on a Tuesday. The resident historian for Viking is set to lead discussions and lectures as part of a cultural enrichment programme. On a Wednesday world music will be revealed through composers, conductors and artists.

Rheinstein Castle
Image: Viking Cruises / PRNewswire

Science, the arts and exploration will be the theme on a Thursday with a line up of guest speakers with extraordinary lives. Liv Arnesen is a Norwegian explorer and just one of those set to appear.

The filming location for Downtown Abbey will also be the location for Viking’s Friday programme. Highclere Castle is to be shown through a tour presented by Lady Carnarvon, the affairs manager at the castle.

Highclere Castle
Image: Viking Cruises / PRNewswire

“The Viking and Highclere families are tightly linked through friendship and dogs,” said Lady Carnarvon. “I am delighted to open our castle doors and lives to give a little virtual insight into our history. I hope you’ll join me on Fridays as we go behind-the-scenes with stories about royal visits, entertaining and heritage.”

The weekends will be given to the wellbeing of the viewers with a focus on yoga, meditation and spa features.

The additional ongoing content will be compiled to show the arts, history, cuisine and culture from worldwide destinations through information, recipes, film and music. An online forum will also connect ship crew to cruise guests.

Award winning Viking Cruises currently own 79 vessels, their Chairman, Torstein Hagen describes their voyages as the thinking person’s cruise.

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