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Third Book Released by American Traveller and Author Sean P. Dwyer

Smarter Phoneless is the new book written by the literary author giving reference to his years of technology free travelling.

Born in 1995, Sean P Dwyer grew up in New York’s Webster. An avid writer since his teenage years, he started travelling during those at university. His travels took him to 46 US states as he spent over 300 nights on the road.

At the age of nineteen he independently wrote, published and released his first book titled To Accept a Wooden Nickel: Perspectives of an American Hitchhiker. This was followed by Sometimes they Smile in 2018, three years later.

sean p dwyer with his two books
Literary Author Sean P. Dwyer

As Sean’s mind turned to his third book, he seized the opportunity to purchase a school bus with his friends, which he used to again leave his home and travel.

Now, in 2020, his third book of Smarter Phoneless has been released.

The first-person account gives the reader an insight as to how a young traveller with an old-fashioned way of thinking can do so in the times of smartphones and other technology, without the use of it. In a time when so many people rely on their phones and other digital methods to make decisions his traditional methods were not without struggles.

With the aim of a simple life, the author often faced the opposite much of the time, noting his thoughts, poems and spontaneous prose as they arose. This time it would be Sean to stop for the hitchhikers, giving them a ride in the bus. He still preferred the physical paper maps and was constantly on the look out to find new opportunities.

Included at the back of the book is the author’s university thesis, completed in New York as he finished his final course. Leaving from and returning to Colorado in the bus.

Sean has written Smarter Phoneless with the aim to celebrate the simple rather than reprimand the complex, writing with hope, grace and sincerity.

Sean P.Dwyer’s three books of To Accept a Wooden Nickel: Perspectives of an American Hitchhiker, Sometimes they Smile and Smarter Phoneless are available in paperback.

Apparently, Sean still does not own a smartphone.

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