Americans to Benefit from Free Delivery of Bicycles

As Americans seek to improve physical and mental health whilst socially distancing Trek Bicycles are offering free delivery until May.

New bikes ordered online through Trek Bicycles will be delivered for free across America as the company waiver the usual delivery charge of $50. The initiative comes as more people turn to cycling as a safe mode of transport that also benefits physical and mental health. Trek Bicycles stated that cycling is proven to increase cardiovascular fitness, improve the mobility of joints, lower stress and relieve anxiety.

The company is a global leader in designing and manufacturing cycling equipment and various styles of bikes including mountain, road, hybrid, electric and indoor. Their aim is to break down the barriers preventing anyone from cycling as a means of relaxation, fitness or transportation, genuinely believing the bike can be a simple solution to many problems.

John Burke, President of Trek Bicycle said: “Access to alternate mobility solutions, like cycling, during a time when we are social distancing and looking for alternate modes of transportation is more important than ever. Cycling plays a critical role in essential travel locally, to grocery shops, pharmacies and more.

“It also serves the greater benefit of helping people get more physical activity, clear their minds and relieve stress while society is more sedentary and anxious than ever before. We hope free home delivery helps to remove a barrier for consumers looking to cycling as a source of joy and as a mobility solution during a time when it’s needed most.”

Customers can choose their bike and select their local bike shop offering home delivery from over 1400 retailers across the US. The retailers will then build the bike and deliver to the customer in their preferred manner such as curb side, in a garage or porch.  

Trek Bicycles are working closely with both independent and company owned stores so that small companies will still benefit from online sales. A step taken to ensure customers that they are still supporting their small, local retailers at a time that they need it the most.

All destinations will benefit from the scheme whilst local and national travel restrictions allow, with the exceptions of home deliveries within Alaska and Hawaii. The offer will run until 1st May 2020 through participating retailers.

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