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Travel the World with 'Alison’s Adventures' Book Coming Soon

Ripley Publishing announces new environmentally aware adventure travel book for young people.

Alison Teal is an adventurous writer, filmmaker and environmental activist. Having been raised by her photographer parents in some of the world’s most rugged places, Alison developed a love for discovery, travel and environmental issues.

From exploring some of the most remote places of our planet Alison has compiled a book of her adventures aimed at inspiring the youth of today, not only to explore their planet and enjoy all of the natural beauty but to be active in helping our environment.

front cover of book alisons adventures by alison teal
Cover of Alison’s Adventures: Your Passport to the World

Referring to the world’s waters as our greatest treasure on earth, Alison is particularly keen to preserve them. Alison’s own surfboard is pink and made from recycled coffee cups and the impact she has had on others along the way have astonished many, claiming her the names of the ‘Female Indiana Jones’ and ‘Oprah of Adventure’.

Jason Mraz, American singer and songwriter said: “Alison Teal has risked it all for joy, positively impacting hearts, lives, and the environment of our planet. Her adventurous conservation efforts have created waves of change not only for our oceans but for our humanity. Everything she stands for: education, equality, conservation and kindness is everything we should all stand for. Simply said, Alison is inspiring.”

The book details her visits to the Maldives, Peru, Nepal, India, Fiji and France.

During her travels Alison visits Catacombs, surfs the waters of an active volcano, helps clean up trash island, attends a school, goes in search of the Yeti, discovers the mummy of a pre-Incan chief, dives for human skeletons, finds out about the legends of fire walkers, investigates the effect of sunscreen on coral reefs and embarks upon the Fountain of Youth. Her participation is with the aim to learn about and encourage the knowledge of different cultures, some of which are disappearing.

alisons adventures book volcano surf page
Pages from Alison’s Adventures: Your Passport to the World

The colourful 144 paged book ‘Alison’s Adventures: Your Passport to the World’ will be on sale at all major book retailers and from Tuesday 12th May 2020.

The book is also set to showcase how even the smallest actions can make a difference.

trash island in the maldives features in alisons adventures book
Pages from Alison’s Adventures: Your Passport to the World

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