cove of catalonia at dusk
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Dusk and Dawn: Adventure 1 – The Rocky Path

As lockdown restrictions are slowly relaxed, we in Spain can once again enjoy some close to home walking and biking adventures.

Living with the mountains in view of my home, they seem so far away during the days of the Covid-19 confinement. The sea, at the end of my street that I’d so often taken for granted, I haven’t seen for weeks at a time. The only times I have left the house have been for food supplies from the supermarket, parking my car in the spot furthest away from the door just to walk that bit further across the car park.

Then the news came in that numbers were improving. We would be allowed out during certain times of the day for walking and exercise on foot or on bike. My cramped limbs and muscles could barely wait to stretch out, my heart and lungs wanting to work harder again.

the catalan coastline at dusk
The Catalan Coastline at Dusk

The schedule allowed my age group to go out between the times of 6:00-10:00am and 8:00-11:00pm. Perfect, my favourite times of day are dusk and dawn, plus these are the cooler hours as the spring temperatures begin to rise.

My first evening was spent walking along the beaches, coves and rocks of Salou, allowing for maximum time beside the sea and a choice of spots to watch the sun set behind the mountains. Which when it did, looked as though it was setting them on fire. The evening air was warmer than the last time I was outdoors at this time and my jacket was put in my rucksack, even when the sun was fully down and the darkness emerged it wasn’t needed, especially with the fleece jumper I had also put on.

the sun setting over the mountains on the costa dorada
The Sunset Over the Mountains

Along the smaller beaches and coves, I walked along in the sea. The sea wasn’t cold either and I had to fight the urge to dive into the clear waters. Evenings and nights are always a favourite time for me to swim, but maybe not just yet.

If I were to go further along the route and rocks I would eventually come to a lighthouse. This wasn’t my plan for this evening as I enjoyed the views, the sounds of the sea lapping against the sand and rocks as well as the sight of other people. I also decided the walk to the lighthouse would probably be best completed during a dawn outing, when I had more time to get there and back and the sun was coming up, not disappearing to lunge me into darkness along some unlit secluded and rocky pathways.

Looking around me as the paths and steps wound in and out, up and down, it was as though these views I had seen so many times before were being seen for the very first time and I realised how lucky I was to call this section of the Catalan coastline my home.

the sandy coves along the coastline of catalonia
Sandy Cove of the Catalan Coast

Walking home surrounded by the darkness many people had already left. I still enjoyed the sand and sea of the main beach and walked a much longer way than was necessary to get home. Taking in the coastal smells, still listening to the calmness of the sea and feeling the sand beneath my feet, I felt I never wanted to go back indoors. At least I knew it was only until the next day and I would soon be back enjoying the natural life of the outdoors.

darkness over the coastline of catalonia
The Sea by Night

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