boats at the port of cambrils on the costa dorada
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Dusk and Dawn: The Port of Cambrils

Evening colours filling the sky, a full moon shining brightly and a bike ride around the fishing port of Cambrils.

Setting off from home it was a glorious evening. There seemed barely a cloud in the sky and people had begun to emerge for their evening walks and activities. My heading was to be the fishing port of Cambrils. This was one of my intended stop-points on a previous bike ride and this evening I was definitely going to stay there. Even if I was unsure as I set off, the colours of the sky and the photo opportunities that presented themselves on arrival ensured that I stuck to the plan.

Starting from the furthest section away, I found the path that leads to the fishing boats to be closed off, not the best start. The park on the other side of the road also had closed gates.

a beach beside the port of cambrils

This port is still generally very much in use and as the town’s restaurants are renowned for their squid dishes, I suspect many of these boats catch just that. I looked out to sea for a while and watched a boy play with his puppy on the beach. The tiny thing was playful and stumbling around. The boy was trying to get it to sit on the rocks for a photo, but it wasn’t to be. They both ran away again across the sand, the puppy bounding along, not taking its eyes off its owner. I turned back in search of other port spots to explore.

the marina at cambrils on the catalan coast

The harbour is often a bit of a tourist haven. There are various catamaran and boat rides or fishing trips that leave from here during the summer. In the low season it becomes the home of various boats, yachts, kayaks and jet skis and so it has remained for now.

Few people were around, the water was almost still, on land was the same.

The sky had turned pastel coloured and held just a few wispy clouds, reflecting on the water it made the boats look very inviting and given the chance I would have been on one of the small ones, rowing myself out to sea. Maybe I should have just decided to bring the activity of pirates back to the area and acquired the tall ship there instead. It couldn’t be that difficult to sail surely, I’ve watched Captain Jack Sparrow and his crews often enough.

It wasn’t long before I hit another sign showing out of bounds areas and I had to move away from the water’s edge. The good thing was that I could see other people along a jetty so I should too be able to access there.

Cambrils boasts an active fishing port, tourist point and marina.

The history of Cambrils tells tales of the sea, of fishermen who lost their lives and women who made and repaired nets. There are various sculptures that commemorate these times and I was standing beside the most noticeable of them all.

the statues and monuments for the fisherman at the port of cambrils in spain's catalonia

The area really was frequently attacked by pirates once upon a time and I remember that every time I see the watch tower on the front, even though I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just used for pirates. Normally the restaurants offering views across the port are full. With all the activity that normally surrounds them I had previously missed some of them. Mainly consisting of paella and sea food, I noticed there is also an Italian, a Thai, various ice cream parlours and a couple of boutique style shops hidden in between.  

watch tower at cambrils on the coast of catalonia in spain

As I immersed from between the buildings to arrive at the jetty on the edge of the harbour, the view hit me. It was another moment like when I had seen the blue sky reflecting off the sea in Salou. The sea mirrored the pinks and lilacs of the dusk sky, looking like a watercolour painting that someone had added a full moon to. The beach was almost empty, the soft golden sand blending into the sea and the lifeguard station looked like a prop to add a little something to the picture.

I rode around the jetty, I took photos, as with all these adventures I was only carrying my phone, but the pictures were showing up the views beautifully. I sat on the rocks, bike beside me for a while with the water quietly lapping up against them, clear and clean.

full moon in a dusk sky that reflects over the sea by the rocks of cambrils on the coast of catalonia

I made a couple of stop offs on the way home, watching the full bright moon and the constantly changing colours of the sky surrounding it. It again became the bright blue like the night in Salou and I realised that it matched the colours of my rucksack. I frequently locked my bike up to wander off to the sea and across the rocks and once again the bike ride home took a lot longer than in the other direction.

the coastline of cambrils on the coastline of catalonia by night

I was creating more memories, moments of joy and relaxation. Once again making the most of these strange times.

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