historical train and station of salou
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Dusk and Dawn: Historical Sights of Salou Town

A morning walk to visit the thousand years old olive trees, Roman villa ruins, Gothic defence tower and historical train.

The bright sunny morning made a change from the cloud and drizzle. Whilst the shaded spots still held the morning coolness, the sunny ones were suggesting a hot day, the type that one would rather be sitting by the beach than at home.

I had a route in mind for a walk around Salou’s town, starting with the ornamental olive trees that create a pleasant walkway opposite the town hall. There to commemorate Salou becoming a town, the olive trees are, according to local information, believed to be approximately a thousand years old.

ornamental olive trees in salou

Opposite the trees there is also a small park, with more trees, rose bushes, a (currently closed) play area for children and other recreational facilities. This was formed in memory of a Salou advocate, who’s work had developed the gastronomy and tourism sectors of Salou.

rose bush and trees in a salou park

This area is also the location for the weekly Monday morning market and even though Salou is now permitted to hold the market whilst following guidelines, the town’s mayor has decided it best to wait a little longer before taking this step.

Continuing with my walk, the next destination was the Roman ruins. These are in a small section of the Barenys area that has been rediscovered and preserved. Showing to be the site of a 1st Century BC villa this small archaeological park displays evidence of wine making, cooking, craft workshops and the production of construction materials. Back then they would have been close to the sea with a natural port, alongside a good view across to the mountains, seeming like the ideal place for them to have set up.

a section of the roman villa ruins in salou

The ruins are contained within a locked, fenced off area so its not possible to get a close up view but the area is nice for a stroll around amongst more olive trees or to rest on one of the surrounding benches.

My next stop was to be the Torre Vella. The Gothic style building was used as a defence tower during the 16th Century and has become a venue for holding art exhibitions and local events. The surrounding grounds, which are also not accessible at the moment, are pretty with gardens homing grassed areas, flowers and trees plus and a statue of the Three Graces.

torre vella defence tower in salou

As I was taking in the tower with its grounds, which looks seasonally different depending which plants and trees are in flower or harvest, at the moment it seems to be the time for lemons, the church bells announced that it was 10:00. As I had no intentions to breakfast on a terrace, go shopping or had any other reason why I should be out, it meant it was time for me to be back at home.

En-route I just made one last short stop off to take a picture of the historical Carrilet railway station with its old locomotive and carriage. The tram like trains were imported from England and used between 1857 and 1975. The line was a means of transporting both goods and people.

historical train and station of salou

Many of the visitors to Salou tend to spend much of their time on the beaches and in the tourist area. It made me wonder just how many of them know there is so much history to emerge in, just a short walk away.

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