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Virtual Reality Travel App Available Now

“Can you imagine of a better time to launch a virtual reality travel app?”

That was the question asked by John Graham and Steve Perillo, company founders of Travel World VR and the people behind the new virtual travel app. Starting out by offering promotional services to travel companies in the destination, transport, tour operations and visitor attraction sectors the company has now captured the attention of travellers being forced to stay at home.

The Travel World VR app consists of a series of 360-degree virtual reality travel videos offering a fully immersive experience.

“You’re not really watching a sunset over Montego Bay,” said Steve. “But your brain believes you are. Look down and see the sand. Look up at the sky. Look behind you at the kids playing. It all feels so real.”

“It’s best to sit in a swivel chair to take full advantage of the 360° environment that surrounds you,” added John. “You can teleport to a beach in Bali for 10 minutes as an instant getaway. The app can also help you decide on where you’d like to physically visit when travel starts up again.”

The virtual reality videos can be enjoyed on a flat screen TV, smart phone or tablet as the user gets control over the surrounding environment. However, for the best experience, it is recommended to use a special headset that puts the user right into their chosen destination.

Headsets are available for free via the app and can be used with the insertion of a smart phone.

Travel World VR can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS devices from app stores or the company website. Offering the virtual traveller more than 50 destinations to visit including London, Jamaica, Kiribati, Pompeii and Australia’s Hamilton Island, more are being added each week.

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