Free Online Summer Camp to Enjoy Outdoor Activities

A series of activities has been lined up through Camp Tinkergarten’s online summer programme for parents and kids to enjoy.

Starting on Friday 19th June, parents are invited to join in Camp Tinkergarten with their kids to enhance their outdoor skills. Due to run until Saturday 15th August, Camp Tinkergarten consists of eight weekly schedules offering learning experiences and wellness activities targeted at four different age groups.

Tinkergarten specialise in children’s classes that focus on an outdoor curriculum, aimed at enhancing confidence, curiosity and self-direction in outdoors related activities. The activities provide kids with useful cognitive, physical and social-emotional skills whilst developing focus, creativity, empathy and persistence.

Image: Courtesy of Tinkergarten

“We wanted to help parents use summer to give their families a fresh start,” said Meghan Fitzgerald, co-founder and Chief Learning Officer, Tinkergarten. “Even without the camps and travels we may have had planned we can still bring the sweetness of summer we all remember from our childhoods into our homes this season.

“We’ve made it easy for parents to give their kids eight weeks of wildly fun, enriching outdoor play activities by basically, setting up summer camp at home. Our program focuses on all eight of our Tinkergarten skills, with a strong emphasis on developing social and emotional skills through play. Children can learn to express themselves, solve problems, nurture their passions, set and achieve goals and enjoy all of the restorative benefits of play and time outside.”

Image: Courtesy of Tinkergarten

To join in the summer camp, parents can register on the Tinkergarten website. A printable trail map will then be received by e-mail for kids and parents to track the progress throughout the summer. Activities are set to include ‘how to keep cool’ and ‘silly summer olympics’. Everyone is also invited to become a part of the online summer camp community.

The four age groups are babies, toddlers, preschoolers and elementary.

At the end of camp, Tinkergarten will hold ‘The Great Tinkergarten Camp Out/Camp In’ for kids to spend a memorable night camping in or outdoors with games, stories and sing-a-longs.

Jack P. Shonkoff, MD, Director, Centre of the Developing Child at Harvard said: “All important learning for young children, including social and emotional development, takes place within the context of play. Play is exploration. Play is trying things out and seeing what happens. Play is developing a sense of mastery. Opportunities for playful interaction between children and adults build the neural connections that constitute the architecture of the developing brain.”

Other classes and downloadable resources are also available through Tinkergarten.

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