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This Summer is Bringing IMAX Films to Hulu

IMAX Corporation have announced that a collection of their documentaries are to be shown exclusively on Hulu over this summer.

Innovative filmmakers IMAX are recognised globally for their experiences that have viewers sitting on the edge of their seat. For summer 2020, a collection of these will be streamed via American platform Hulu.  

The first documentaries to be shown are ‘A Beautiful Planet’ and ‘Pandas’.

Filmed in 2016, A Beautiful Planet takes a look at Earth from space, showing the effects humanity has had on the planet over time. The documentary was produced in cooperation with NASA and the stunning scenes contain footage filmed by astronauts.

Pandas is a family film from 2018, about the captive born panda, Qian Qian, whose destiny for the outside world brought Chinese and American scientists together.

“With people at home there is an immense and growing desire for discovery, particularly for students, families and children,” said Megan Colligan, President of IMAX Entertainment. “For years IMAX has helped share the power of the natural world and the potential of human existence. Now, together with Hulu, we can bring those incredible, enlightening experiences to millions more.”

Amongst other titles, Survival Island, Galapagos, Journey to the South Pacific and Into the Deep will all be available.

Set in the remote, barren land that is said to home some of the largest concentrations of animals on Earth, the 1995 ‘Survival Island’ documentary was written and narrated by Sir David Attenborough. He tells the stories of the Southern Ocean’s seals, albatross and penguins.

The 1999 documentary, Galapagos, takes viewers around the waters and volcanic archipelago to explore its natural wonders with a marine biologist.

Sea life including turtles, sharks, rays and more than 2,000 other species can be discovered around the South Pacific’s West Papua as well as the lush island vegetation in the 2013’s Journey to the South Pacific.

Into the Deep is a 1994 documentary that dives amongst the marine life and kelp forests living off the coast of California.

Hulu is a subscription service. They are offering a 1 month free trial to new subscribers.

IMAX can also be found across social media and on YouTube.

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