Travel the World from Home with Magellan TV

Documentary streaming service Magellan TV has released a series of new titles for viewers to Travel the World from Home.  

To engage viewers and allow everyone to ‘Travel the World from Home’ the online Magellan TV have introduced special programmes which can be accessed through their subscription service. Accessible through Google Play, Apple iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung, Vizio, Comcast and Roku or directly through their website, the company is also offering a one-month free trial.

Boasting an ad free service that is simple, has no interruptions, offers unlimited access and the ability to cancel the all-inclusive subscription anytime, the platform is available globally and run by filmmakers.

New releases are added each week.

Now, the aim of Magellan TV is to bring the world to the viewer, wherever they may be with their new series of over 50 documentaries to ‘excite and satisfy the inner travel bug’.

Image: PRNewsfoto/MagellanTV

Some of the newly created travel playlists include: Destination Europe, Destination Asia, Destination North America and Wildest Places. Some of the filming allows the viewer to fly over worldwide destinations including the Arctic, Alps, Kalahari, Australia, Borneo, Britain, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Iceland, Greenland, Egypt, India and South Africa.

“Our subscribers have asked for this unprecedented compilation of films so that in one curated exploration they can instantly ‘fly’ to inspirational destinations that we all dream to visit,” said Greg Diefenbach, Co-Founder, Magellan TV

The extensive Travel the World playlist can be located in the Explore module.

The current New Releases section holds two episodes of each Korea from Above, Japan from Above and Thailand from Above with four episodes of Aerial Asia.

Other categories include Blue Earth, Rise of the Ocean Giants, Stunning Visuals, Great Nature and Kid Friendly.

Image: PRNewsfoto/MagellanTV

On 22nd April this year they also celebrated 50 Years of Earth Day with a series of films that are still available for viewing.

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