More IMAX Movies to be Released During July

IMAX are releasing more of their nature and science documentaries that can be seen on American platform Hulu throughout July.

As IMAX continue to connect with viewers in extraordinary ways through science, nature and film, more of their documentaries are to be streamed on Hulu this month. Titles include ‘China: The Panda Adventure’ and ‘The Secret of Life on Earth’.

Filmed in 2001, China: The Panda Adventure is a true story full of one woman’s hope, courage and triumph. Following the death of her husband, Ruth Harkness sets out to complete his dream of introducing a living giant panda to America. Set in the lush forests of China there are some stunning locations included in the film, not to mention the giant pandas.

The Secret of Life on Earth is from 1996. Using speciality photography, the film shows the relationships between animals and plants. From evolution to endangered species, the documentary includes feeding, flowering and pollinating.

This July will also see the streaming of Horses: The Story of Equus. In 2002, the story was released of three horses, born on the same day but each raised very differently. One becomes a racehorse, another a stunt horse and the other is released into the wild to join a herd, with no human contact.  

Other IMAX titles were released on Hulu during June and are still available for viewing.

Through nature and science and from the dinosaurs to space travel, IMAX films and documentaries have entertained and educated audiences since their debut of ‘Tiger Child’ at Expo ’70 in Japan’s Osaka.

IMAX can also be found across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The subscription platform Hulu are currently offering a one-month free trial for new subscribers.  

“With people at home there is an immense and growing desire for discovery, particularly for students, families and children. For years IMAX has helped share the power of the natural world and the potential of human existence. Now, together with Hulu, we can bring those incredible, enlightening experiences to millions more.”

Megan Colligan, President of IMAX Entertainment.

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